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Since 2008, HR Commitment has, in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Corporate Attorneys, produced annual salary statistics for corporate attorneys in Sweden. In an effort to make the coming years’ surveys and statistics even more interesting than before, we added a few additional questions, which in December of 2012 were distributed as an additional survey to corporate attorneys in Sweden.

One purpose with the questions was to – from a broader perspective – develop an understanding for the meaning of the salary levels in relation to other conditions in the workplace. Another purpose was to, with the two open-ended questions that completed the survey, create a more direct dialogue with the participating corporate attorneys, to, among other reasons, gather suggestions and ideas for our future surveys. The additional questions will be part of the 2013 salary survey, which will be implemented during the fall as usual.

For a copy of the HR Commitments addition to the 2012 salary survey, please contact

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